duminică, 24 martie 2013

The Maven

Tonight, on Lyrical Masterpiece Theater I will be reading one of my greatest works.


After years of mindless content and frivolous crap
A man became dissatisfied with the condition of RAP
The powers done, the lyrics down it made the listeners adapt
Soon, his mental plate became a blinding midst on the map
But his vision was never fazed, because his eyes had been raised
Over time he came of age and then grew wise in his ways
He reflected on the great artists and some of the gull
Then he envisioned hearing one writer who had composed 'em all
To overcome this ignorance, nothing was stalling his thirst
He spent hours collecting, reading, studying all of their works
Traveled all over the planet where great thoughts were bestowed
Sacred priests, scepters and sages from all parts of the globe
Read relentlessly for weeks, before deciding to speak
He mastered every vocal tone and every writing technique
A scholarly product with a self-made prodigy conscience
He memorized past, present and future bodies of knowledge
Organizing, knowing the solution soon to be born
His next step? Compile it all into a humanly form
So he was eloquent and delivered words with intricate timing
And possessed lyrical skill, he had no interest in rhyming
So he ventured down to his lab, which had been his escape
And after working for 20 days straight an image was shaped
He deposited all his wisdom, every infinite trait
And when he finished, he rendered what he had invented was great
His creation laid on the gurney, once summoned arose
And instantly became to compose the most dominant flows
Every hour of the day a different style he'd create
And when he spoke, every man, woman and child could relate
Just when it seemed the population might be hurled to his grave
The man smiled because he thought, now, that the world would be saved
And soon the sky, his weatherman to surface would be
He has successfully manufactured the perfect MC
The intellect that passed through his brain, the masses obtained
And within days the nature of the game had drastically changed
Through his sorrow and will, deep marvelous thoughts were revealed
And those who held on to the madness got slaughtered with skill
Lyrical prototype who wrote words for the love, not wages
And the greatness of his rap pages were passed through the ages
The motivation to make meaningful songs was contagious
Each writer evolved daily through his creative stages
The negative ideologies of life were obtruded
The first 365 day cycle concluded
But on the 366th day, it was strange
The creation the man had brought to life was starting to change
Accolades under his name and international fame
Until totally uncontrollable he slowly became
Intoxicated by his own flame, so arrogance rained
The insane notion of world dominance mastered his brain
Exploitation of the game, through the skill that he used
He had evolved into the same thing he was built to remove
Training ingrain in his memory was unmatchable ability
Natural skill indeed, but he was lacking in humility
The builder watched his dream disappearing in haste
With tears in his face, his creation was clearly a waste
The mistake that he made in making a rapper of that caliber
He focused on talent and knowledge but added no character
Now is racking the streets with a savage misty
Deadly havoc with every paragraph he would speak
So the man searched, traveling roads, famished in cold
Looking for a mechanical load and tyrannical mole
Since he designed him, he felt in mandatory to find him
The goal was to catch him, deactivate, then realine him
As he searched and explored he saw things were worse than before
Heard a murderous roar, followed up by verses of war
He ran up to a door, where a stranger took him to key
Once inside a voice straight ahead said "Looking for me?"
And there he was, with a smile as if he liked that he found him
His mic was outstanding, plus he had disciples around him
As the man approached he heard there 3 words "I dare you"
He said "You're not yourself, come back to the lab, I'll repair you!"
"I can't have you killing rap, so come with me, I implore it"
He said "Your existence versus mine. I'll battle you for it"
He thought and said "Oh..No, I want no parts of a flow"
"Why would you turn against the man who taught you all that you know?"
That's when he laughed and said "I'm the one that you should kneel to"
He said "You stupid fool, you didn't build me, I built you"
"Programmed you to be like me, I prepared this confusion"
"Every detail of our history is a spell of delusion"
"When I tried to teach you my plans, you rebelled on the movement"
"So I banished you and held you in a hellish seclusion"
"My craziest deeds, you were just unable to heed"
"So the idea that you created me, I made you believe"

The man said "I worked on this for years, is lies that your speak"
He said "I made it to appear as years, it's only been weeks"
"I'm the architect of you and every bar that was formed"
"Raise your right sleeve, I'm sure you've seen that scar on your arm"
"How I assembled you is too complex to try to describe"
"But if you peel that scar you'll notice several wires inside"
"You are my greatest masterpiece, top of the line of my clones"
"But I developed you so well, you gained a mind of your own"
"And started spreading conscious thought: east, west, south to the north"
"So I drew you out of solitude to finish you off"
"And though is definite you possess several lyrical elements"
"You're scared of expressing it, that's why you vocally hesitant"

Discouraged, the man dropped his head "It's no use"
Looked at wires in his arm and slowly pulled 'em a loose
Then both good and bad ideologies mentally flashed
The conscious forces and the wicked forces instantly clashed
And everybody in the room, vaporized in a flame
'Til, eventually, the two men were all who remained
The anarchy that exuded caused the world to divide
And the followers of both sides became to collide
And then the sealing opened up and they both looked in the sky
There they saw a giant silhouette of a much bigger guy
He commanded everything to stop and nobody moved
He said "This war is over right now and both of you lose"
"You lose because you took the talent that you possessed
And got obsessed with power and used it to conquer the rest"
"See, you were blessed with the best given lyrical rod"
"You didn't build this man, that was a deceptive facade"
The other man said "I knew it, but sir, how did I lose?"
The giant said "You had the skill to challenge, but you refused"
He said "I came to fix him back, so this fight I'd avoid"
He said "Some things can never be fixed, they must be destroyed"
"And though you tried to reason with him, don't believe you succeeded"
"Many were lost because they didn't have the wisdom they needed"
"See, you deleted all your hard work, your moment was here"
"But you failed, because you power wasn't strong as your fear"
"This test is completed", they said "Who are you?", then I spoke...
"My name is K-RINO....and I created you both"