sâmbătă, 24 septembrie 2011

Snake Eater

Sit on this gurney, let me take you on a journey...I'm the Disciple of K, bringing you another prophecy, meaning I write what I feel in my heart.
You might be wondering why this title, why "Snake eater". Lemme give you a psychological-historical hit; what do you understand with the notion of "snake"? Sneak preview
What if I'd tell you that a "snake" is the reason why we live so poorly, that the majority of the people you meet are shit, that you have anger management issues and many others, the reason why you can't achieve real happiness?
See, "the snake" is the Pandora Box, even more than that: the creator of all existing evil
You're all familiarized with "the snake" in the Bible. That wasn't an animal, but a man with the characteristics of one .
      As ADAM and EVA were sent out from the Heavens, as well "the snake" went out.
"The snake" is none other than the Government. Watch out, fool. I'm sorry for you, many of you are too wonderful and gifted to be living in a world like this, but that wasn't your choice.
     Every single bad action you do is never forgotten and doesn't matter what you do, you'll never be able to avoid its consequences.
You might interpret my words as "foolish" or "blasphemous", but you've been living a life as you wanted, don't you think it's time to change page? Don't you really want to achieve happiness? Wouldn't you like to know real happiness?
      You will never see true happiness as long as you believe in destiny and follow horoscopes. Destiny is a "way of living" and this way tells you to accept what's being thrown at your ass and take it like a man and keep going. For those of you who believe in destiny and had something happened that could be repaired, but you didn't lift a finger to try, you're living the consequences or you will. There's a price to pay for everything you do.
Everyone wants happiness and happiness is something measured from the soul, you couldn't possibly be happy by accepting something that "happens" to you, maybe not even because of your will.  The sooner you start changing your mind, the sooner you can start see happiness.
      A human being is biological, sociological  and has culture, or so it should. Let's analyze these 3 statistics of a human being:

- BIOLOGICAL: You have an arm, you can see it, you're biological, of course, but how do you feel when you look around? Don't you feel the air is hard to breathe? Don't you feel like your sight is restricted by these skyscrapers? Don't you think your ears are going numb because of the noise in the city?
I understand now  what my elders meant when they said "things ain't how they used to be". The crazy part is that as bad as it is now ain't even close of what lays ahead. That's why I do this, my life will not be long enough to come to each of you wonderful people in need of help around the world. I wanna help you see clear, I wanna help you with your life because I know what's right.
- SOCIOLOGICAL:  A human being, in order to feel alive, it needs to be loved and socialize (We'll skip the love part, today), but do you socialize? Most of us prefer "socializing" though the Internet. Nowadays Internet and facebook are the same. I even know people who talk more on the Internet than in real life. Why do you need words, then? See, words are the most powerful weapon on Earth. Think about the Cold War. Informations were crucial, a piece of information was worth more than 1 billion dollars.
People who use words, to express their feeling, their thoughts, their visions, their life in such a manner that you can picture what the person's talking about when you look at him, are  people the Government fears. Lemme tell you that if a power as the Government fears something, then that thing can change the world. If we get together and you put some knowledge in your brain and become civilized...together we can discover Heaven, because Heaven can be found on Earth. Once you gain the knowledge you will actually feel your soul than just knowing it's there.
I don't think all people get in touch with their souls because in order to do that you need connection, you need to have an abundance of  knowledge and you need to believe.
The other day I told someone that I used to be with this one girl, and we had an online relationship, but the feelings turned out to be so strong that I could feel her right beside me and when I'd close my eyes I could see her face perfectly and speaking to me.
I wish she'd have felt the same about me and I really thought she did, but she's just a simple woman, she's undergoing her trial, she's still young, she need assistance and   what better assistance than a person of God?
See, if you let your view be deceptive but what your eyes can see, you will live blindly. There's much more to everything than meets the eye. Most just resume themselves in seeing things like they are, they don't think ahead of time, they don't even take in consideration the past, they just live the moment without caring about anything, just survival.

I see the big picture, the one you see is wallet size.

- EDUCATION: In order to be educated you first have to gain knowledge because a man grown in a jungle who has no knowledge couldn't be possibly educated. Reality is a jungle, but if you're educated you can transform it in what you wish, you can see everything different. Education and respect should exist between any men, even between the so called "enemies". When you start being educated you can see that the world isn't so bad as you thought it is. Education opens new doors not only for your eyes, but for your heart too.
Look around you...people are educated in being uneducated because an uneducated person is easy to control. He doesn't question, he just obeys. He doesn't feel, he just does. He doesn't think, he abducts.
The way to education starts when you begin to be rational. I received a good education, but in order to arrive at respecting everyone I had to do some things on my own too. I don't look down on people because I'm richer or more beautiful or because I have something they don't/can't have. I actually invite them to be part of my life, to come eat with me, to give them some money, to get my advice.
People think that they can do it alone in this world, but they know they can't but their principles make them deny the truth.
Everyone has a long way to go, but not alone, you'll never be alone, no matter who you are, remember that.

You have to cherish old folks and kids too
Because you can teach the kids and old folks can teach you 

That's why you need to put some common sense in that brain of yours. You don't care about nobody's problems 'til it happens to you. You don't understand that we're linked: when one goes down, the other sinks too.

Put the World in Its place before It puts you in yours

If don't wanna exist worthlessly  then you will start changing. That's why you have to eat the snake before it eats you. Many people live on this Earth, very few see the true price of human live.

...That's when I understood what life's about through all the suffering
I was there to leave a mark; the majority at Heaven's doors answer with "nothing" 

Understand, if you try to fix your problems you won't suffer the consequences. And no, I'm not talking about karma, that's bullshit.

Lastly, but most importantly this post is about my love to YOU. Many people heard of the game "Metal Gear Solid", which is considered to be the greatest game of all time. See, I find education in anything: books, cartoons, games, people walking. These games contain many signs of deceit, but also many signs of prophecies and MUCH emotional language.
I invite all of you to hear this song from one of the games and my inspiration for this post; because it gives me shivers.
I already bared with the idea that my love story could not lead anywhere, but a war field, but it's because of the lack of knowledge, the sightless eyes, the fogged minds and ager management issues of the people we love that many of us won't ever get what we really deserve and we always be discriminated in the majority's eyes.

What they don't understand 
Is that we'll be the winners in the end


joi, 15 septembrie 2011

How I Learned To Hate This World

Give me your time and let me vent a little

Yeaaah, it's the Disciple of K, telling you the other side of the story.
The people's souls are dirty, unworthy of my words of salvation.

The promise of a lifetime, can you make one? Can you keep it?
If you're real you'll keep it, but most certainly the person whom you made the promise will do something so you won't be able to keep it.
Today, September 15 2011 I've been given another reason to wish my death and another reason to hate the world. This is the story of How I learned to hate the world.

I was taught at an early age you can't make everybody happy
The person I show the most love will be the main one try'na cap me

I try and teach people I interact with some God given knowledge, but they undermine me in an end, they make fun of me, they disrespect me, they take my heart away.
After months, though...I talk to them, I see them and they don't seem that happy, they rather seem...unhappy, lost...
What goes around comes around and I have been taught by a person whom I loved and love that you can be redeemed with words.
I once told myself that I'd try and redeem this girl with my words, shall my entire lifetime be the cost. It happened sooner than I expected. Thank you for that.

As long as I roll with God as my partner I don't need nobody to protect me

God is my mind, I see this world through the eyes of a generation yet to be born, I come from an alternative future where love is gone...And it seems we're already living in. I've tried again to do everything humanly possible and I didn't do anything wrong again, but humans still cut my lifeline, my happiness, my dreams.
I have to start again from scratch, but somehow I don't feel that hurt like I felt the first time, maybe because my heart couldn't possibly break since it wasn't even whole to start with.

Anyone who has scarred me has paid the price because I'm a person of God, I'm not a disbeliever. You may laugh at my words, but you shall see and the people who experienced this by doing me wrong know exactly what I'm talking about. I don't bow myself to a human habit.
I paint dreams, achievements, glory with verbal illustration. I was born to be loved by someone who knows how to see into my soul because there lays my beauty, beyond any superficiality.

This is why humans don't know how to love. This is why YOU might not live as even as worst expected. You, same person who claim to know how to love and make promises and then break up because some shit, you killed love. You shouldn't even deserve this emotion.

I don't have nothing to say, man...I'm in a state where I barely can think, my vocabulary descended at an average person level, I lost all ties with the world, if it wasn't for my mind linked to God's knowledge I'd be a vegetable now.
Yet again I'm starting from scratch, I'm searching for a meaning to live before giving my own (I hope it won't happen).

Why do harmless and defenseless people always reveal to be the most harmful and devilish? I can see into a person soul, I have trained my kaleidoscope eyes for a long time now.
I saw in YOU what I couldn't see in any person in my 19 years of life and from the start I kinda knew this is gonna be bullshit because YOU don't even fathom what you say or write.
What bothers me is the exchanged words...I don't say bullshit, but YOU make me look like I did. Also, all that YOU said I know they weren't lies, but YOU made them look like.
I won't judge YOU because I love YOU, but YOU have a long way to go. YOU're still young and obviously YOU chose the trouble road as everyone else. Unable to see beyond the white and the black you will find yourself into a gray world.

You can't avoid the true test,
I won't use earthly ammunition, you'll need an asteroids proof vest

I self-test you all. Your vision of this world is slanted that for me you're just a rat in a lab. You're so unoriginal and lacking aspirations that I can read every move you make, I can already think ahead of time what you're gonna do or why you did something. You're becoming a robot, mind systematically programmed.

My best? I gave it. That test? I aced it.
But it seems all the words I say are being worthless

Yeah, they're just words because you're just a robot. You can't see beyond what's shown to you. You only picture what your eyes vision, but you're kinda seeing with the eyes of people that hate you. You're raised with that vision and I tried to set you free, at least a person in 6 billions...that wasn't YOU, it seems.
Even though you will come back things will never be like they were, even if they seem. I forgive but I don't forget.
The scar will always be there...

This is not a bashing post, this is just the real side of the world, the majority. Be careful of what you're afraid of, you might be that scared trying to avoid your fear will drive right into it. Just be yourself, because if you're yourself you will be a wonderful person and you will find what you seek.
Don't blame me of something you want me to believe about you.

I was a stranger to you, but I felt I knew you for a lifetime...I died for my second time but the sun is the light of my birth, yet I live again.

I don't want you to suffer, I love you, I always will. I will aid you on this journey. The words exchanged lay in your head, look for me into the infinity of your thoughts, I stand at the beginning of time and the end of infinity, keep you balanced in this world.
Our eyes shall cross once again.

And is not only monetary thieves and grand deceiver who have socially mistreated me
The way the world has previously treated me make me arrive to the conclusion that we haven't been seeded equally.

Tell me if everything is alright
Or if you can't even cry 'cause you don't even have no more tears in your eyes

I love y'all, especially YOU.

luni, 12 septembrie 2011

Blood Doctrine

Blood doctrine: the bloodline of Satan written in dust; in the minds of people who worship and follow him/her. The elite. In opposition to the covenant of the heart with Christ (Jer. 31:31-34; Hebr. 8:6-13). Which transcends above any, satanic/humanistic covenant. For the covenant of the heart with Christ is the everlasting one.

I got so many things working against me
Serpents and merchants of death working intensely with the purpose to lynch me
A young person who feels like I been on Earth for a century
I was questioned my work before the birth of this entry
I walk on cursed surfaces while merciless men be
Who shirk the love I sent and reemerged with envy
What once was a full vessel is now worthless and empty
Recollection of sin tempted me to suborned to meant we
See you'll be still frontin' and worshiping jewelry
While I'm trying not to let force of gravity pull me
To disaster, evil forces I'm trying to master
My blood is draining faster, I'm living on plasma
Try'na stay calm and drop this gun clip out of my palm
Try'na keep the governmental microchip out of my arm
And at this rate can we advance? Hypothetically a chance...
Getting sicker from eating food that's genetically enhanced

Don't get locked in, locked in (locked in) locked in (locked in)
Trick aside of the Blood Doctrine
Keep ya name up off the Blood Doctrine
Keep ya name up off the Blood Doctrine
Don't get locked in, locked in (locked in) locked in (locked in)
Trick aside of the Blood Doctrine
Keep ya name up off the Blood Doctrine
Keep ya name up off the Blood Doctrine

The gift that God gave me saved me, but never truly paid me
I need angels to show up a daily with harps to serenade me
My motivation escapes me
And I can't relate to a world that hates and tries to recreate me
So they disassociate me from the masses, so I patiently wait 'til time passes
I sit in the back of the class, unnoticed with dark glasses
Watching these ignorant bastards, boast and show gull
Allowing them shine, knowing I have the power to kill 'em all
Yet I fall back with deep humility and state my hand
The Book said "A prophet has no honor in his own land"
So I expand expediently fall beyond the sea
Forced to leave because my own tree wouldn't respond to me
Mistreated the woman who bled, put wisdom in your head
Try'na duck and dodge the faulty education I was fed
I'm the sun, the moon, the stars and all in between
The fire, the water, the deep dream, the Black King

Don't get locked in, locked in (locked in) locked in (locked in)
Trick aside of the Blood Doctrine
Keep ya name up off the Blood Doctrine
Keep ya name up off the Blood Doctrine
Don't get locked in, locked in (locked in) locked in (locked in)
Trick aside of the Blood Doctrine
Keep ya name up off the Blood Doctrine
Keep ya name up off the Blood Doctrine

Man they got you ! One drop, they only need an increment
Universally recognized to distinguishment of your fingerprint
Freedom relinquishment known in every single presecuring
Tap the instrument to ya plan soon as ya think of it
They snatch you and violate and betted God's rights
Then they catch you with paper trails and credit cards swipes
Make you contemplate if it's real and worth the whole deal
Population management through your support control pills
You signed it, and now they ain't nothing that can't do to you
Depending on what computers do, feening for pharmaceuticals
A hand that Shaitan raised and damage you for days
The evangelistic wave of a man with wicked ways
You signed it, the hell driven covenant for instance
Loving the system, malistic for government assistants
You figured the best name was the name that he was given you
Exhibit your loyalty everytime that you give a signature

Don't get locked in, locked in (locked in) locked in (locked in)
Trick aside of the Blood Doctrine
Keep ya name up off the Blood Doctrine
Keep ya name up off the Blood Doctrine
Don't get locked in, locked in (locked in) locked in (locked in)
Trick aside of the Blood Doctrine
Keep ya name up off the Blood Doctrine
Keep ya name up off the Blood Doctrine

vineri, 9 septembrie 2011

The World (Tell The Truth)

We don't care who likes it or not, as long as we know it's the truth.
Much of what I say might sound blasphemous, but it's the truth.
Much of what I say might sound like it's crazy, but it's the truth.
Much of what I say might sound like it's hate, but it's the truth.
And God put guidance as mentioned din the Bible...if you're afraid to tell the truth you don't even deserve freedom.
They put you in jail to not find out the truth, but they can't put you in jail for telling the truth. 
Just tell the truth. All we need it's the truth. Everyone deserves to know the truth.

I feel like life's walls are closing in on me
This world put its spin on me, I got a two ton jacket of sin on me
No hopeless doubt, a race to get out
Nothing to joke about, we living in the actual time the prophets spoke about
My view on life and my perspective is that when things get hectic
God is not the first option selected nor the second
Got a million drugs to stop the pain with and Satan came with awkward language
Now he's shocked and anguished hoping that Barack can change it
My tainted mind is dizzy, And now it seems every time I need a sign where is he?
Called God but his line was busy
We in and out of prison, trying to make our living
In an unforgiving system that's money and power driven
The conditions seems immutable, A plethora of wakes and funerals
The frequency of a youth's mind is untenable
Truth and falsehood never coincided, just collided
How can the devil save your home when his own house is divided?

The World is coming to an eeeeend, ahhh
And it's never coming back agaaaain, ahhh
God is your only frieeeeend, ahhh
Without Him you can never wiiiiin, ahhh

How can I dare to create a seed when I'm surrounded by thieves,
Murderers and fakers, and I all I ever received is grieving and deadly disagreements?
Strategically deceiving, and now you expect me to stand up and believe in
The Anthem Frances got depicted back in 1814, when
Black people were being held in bondage, raised and despicable discussed
So those words were are applicable to us
You got the hell beat out ya, right after you served and fought war
So why you facing the flag with your hand pressed against your heart for?
Don't be mislead, see, the red represents oceans of blood shed
For the millions they murdered and left dead
With no simpathy or remorse, see
The second color up on that flag represents the wicked prims of white supremacy
We live under its sick direction,
Just like the sky falls it  appears to the eyes, the color blue represets deception
So now's the time for resurrection
If you can't see America falling right in front of you then you need an eye inspection

The World is coming to an eeeeend, ahhh
And it's never coming back agaaaain, ahhh
God is your only frieeeeend, ahhh
Without Him you can never wiiiiin, ahhh

Tell me, how we gon' survive today?
If you don't eat ten dollars worth of gas won't get you out of the gas station driveway
The words that Satan spoke were fraud
Instead of trying to choose between republicans and democrats we need to vote for God
And rhyme for Him exclusively
I understand now what my elders meant when they said "things ain't how it used to be"
We cry until our eyes are red
The crazy part is that how bad it is now ain't even worse that what lays ahead
God lifted his hand to summon: pestilence and the lands slamming
No respect between man and woman, stunts, earthquakes and famine coming
People suffering and grieving a lot
Wicked shepherds receiving a flock
Receiving a shack every hour, hope it, believe it or not truth is the key to the lock
See the states, the economy and
Soon food supplies gonna be thin
Honstly, man out here tryna be women
Now a woman wanna be man
Child molested and prostitution
Multiple drugs, water pollution
Education system losing
Watch the news, it's mass confusion

The World is coming to an eeeeend, ahhh
And it's never coming back agaaaain, ahhh
God is your only frieeeeend, ahhh
Without Him you can never wiiiiin, ahhh

marți, 6 septembrie 2011

The Debate

Welcome to this session. You will now be faced with two theories about "all existing" and believe it or not, your mental and spiritual will build on what your choice shall be. You won't be able to control it, your subconscious will do the work for you. Remember though, there's a right choice in all this and depends on you to find which one it is and answering to the last question in this debate.

Were we created or did we evolve, how did we arrive?
What's the purpose of our existence, why are we alive?
Tell me who do you believe in, to what do you subscribe?
And when it's time for you to prove yourself, how will you survive?
Were we created or did we evolve, how did we arrive?
What's the purpose of our existence, why are we alive?
Tell me who do you believe in, to what do you subscribe?

First I'd like to thank y'all for coming out today
We would ask that you close your mouth and pay close attention to what we're about to say
My name is K and I'm your moderator in this great debate
We're tackling a topic that's highly prevalent state to state
To my left an evolutionist-atheists
He'll be stating his case against the man to my right who's a creationist
For the sake of history, a camera specialist is taping this
Did a deity create this or did we evolve is the basic gist?
You sir

Well, the Bible states than in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth
So everything we see here was His hand and His work
This man's a joke, I've read his books and seen his lectures, even studied all his tapes
About how we were life forms that evolved from apes
I ask you "how could a more intelligent being come out of a lesser being?"
This is the thing with which we're wrestling
The universe and man are God's creation, just admit it pop
If we evolved from apes and apes are still around, why did it stop?

Were we created or did we evolve, how did we arrive?
What's the purpose of our existence, why are we alive?
Tell me who do you believe in, to what do you subscribe?
And when it's time for you to prove yourself, how will you survive?
Were we created or did we evolve, how did we arrive?
What's the purpose of our existence, why are we alive?
Tell me who do you believe in, to what do you subscribe?

Ok, your time is up you'll get a chance to talk some more
But at this time we need to let our second speaker have the floor
Let's give the same respect to him and not speak all at once
So we'll pass the baton to your opponent, now, for his response

Well the concept of life evolving...and the way that things were brought in
Was fathered and authored by Charles Darwin
Your assessment of what we believe was improperly covered
We only speak of how one life form changes into another
You believe in God but can't prove there's a god and this is vital
Your theology is based upon a contradicting Bible
You don't worship Him, you worship idols
And hold self-righteous dispositions
If God is real why is this world in this condition?
I feel humanity has had enough of this lie
You praise a spirit that allows people to suffer and die
And no matter how much you pray and look up to the sky
Things remain corrupt

Alright, your time's up to rebutting reply

Were we created or did we evolve, how did we arrive?
What's the purpose of our existence, why are we alive?
Tell me who do you believe in, to what do you subscribe?
And when it's time for you to prove yourself, how will you survive?
Were we created or did we evolve, how did we arrive?
What's the purpose of our existence, why are we alive?
Tell me who do you believe in, to what do you subscribe?

Right now this debate is winding down
We're finding out some things now so we'll let the evolutionist start this time around

Well, as for the universe we've never said who made it
Evolution is now the theory of how life originated
Your failed connection and theory rejection
Is only evident of your lack of comprehension of the process of natural selection

Well, motion and order were  the first two laws of the universe
We don't agree that stars and planets are the result of a big burst
Think at the perfect celestial trajectory, how things operate successfully
With intricate detailed complexity

Hehehe, can you believe this idiot sitting next to me?
See, you're speaking scientifically
Prove God did it and break it down specifically

I've done that through the scriptures, what you've heard is the truth
Whether it's Bible or Qur'an see, God's word is the proof
And I agree I'm speaking scientifically, we're in compliance
But my last question to you will be WHO CREATED SCIENCE?

sâmbătă, 3 septembrie 2011

The Serpent

The Mass is fail
It was jailed in the stomach of a bastard, well
Who prevailed over the hell of the dragon when he cast its tail?
Since the slave trade in the Trans Atlantic
Man's been granted grace until the large judgment spans the planet
It ain't hard to recognize the enemy
Who you said you was? Nothing to me, words prove identity
With typical non-ethereal spiritless individuals
A pictorial part takers and Babylonian rituals
Unrighteous acts be flipping you like factual speckles
The nature of The Original we abandoned those who are miscible
At the time so intricate and pivotal
We need to focus on the God and try not to deviate from being spiritual
The Serpent was in the garden and the light of the sun
Not a snake but a man with the characteristics of one
So understand, no matter what you believe
The best way to avoid deception is to know that you can be deceived
The man had sprung you to his land and beat you and hung you
In the Satan of the bible in the Qur'an living among you
They told you about a hell that burns hotter than the sun do
But after knowledge comes you've discovered that it was untrue
It's evil institutions and ungodly solutions
The cross you wear was used as a tool for execution
They claimed to be Christians, but they set it on fire
How could you honor something that was used to kill the Messiah?
They say that you would go to Heaven, when you die and leave here
But the Earth is a sphere that already sits in the atmosphere
To keep you in bondage and not worth for damn
But Elijah reversed the scam of the curse of hand
I know its nature; I've been try'na  rise above it for years
Money's not the root of all evil, the love of it is
The real Devil is right behind you, how fast can you run?
He replaced his white sheet, with a badge and a gun
Unaware to spun and kill and plant seeds of war
Close our mental door and ignore the needs to the poor
The procedure was tedious, century's deceiving us
History of previous people not here, repeated us
In a snakiest manner, (Bush) he lies when his eyes sees the camera
I seen it feening for blood in Jena, Louisiana
They poisoned our hoods to bleed and weed us out
We attempted suicide every time that we leave the house
Treated the Black man, lower the K9's and they kill em
And made us believe that our condition was accidental
All we do is sing songs, we done suffered too long
Look at they world and look at yours and tell me something ain't wrong
Black fostered characterized in America's eyes
But now the rest of the world is getting wise to America's lies
The Devil quickly raise his wand and negativity response
On the Black man wants to be sworn in with his hand on the Qur'an
How can they contradict the basics of they own foundation (hypocrites)
When the White races who found this nation were Masons
Ma-sons who studied Islam and secret societies
But not original so they couldn't receive all the degrees
Slave owned presidents, played the role to divine
The constitution was never designed with Black people in mind
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, straight down the line
All the way to Bill Clinton and Bush in the present time
Blood spill, in its will was placed on the Great Seal
It starts coding and revealed on the back of the dollar bill
He deceived the whole world and lied to the whole nation
Through his wicked interpretations on his main news station
FOX (FOX) represents the number of the beast (beast)
Resolute the three letters you'll find a six in each (each)
F is the sixth letter in the alphabets mix (mix)
O is the fifteen, one plus five equals six (six)
X is the twenty-fourth, that's six number three
Satanic messages fed to us over the TV
Put us to sleep with new forms of mental slavery
'Cause if you knew the real God you would instantly be free
From The Serpent!