sâmbătă, 25 aprilie 2015

Point Number 12

Shout out to The God.

The wise scientist convened
And decided that it was time for a new God to come up on the scene
The Book said he'd come from the East
To seek and save the Lord, crush Satan and bring universal peace
Born in The Holy Land, known as the Great Son of Men
Now is time to make the planet understand
His name was Fard Muhammad
In the consul of the 24 scientists, his father came from it
He came through to put in work,
His purpose was planned out by his father years before his birth
He instantly took him under his wing
Traveled around, reading the great books of wisdom from the kings
His existence defined the inspired
And even as a child saw himself pushing the wicked in the fire
Studying and reading, becoming the all seeing
Eventually reaching the level of supreme being
Some people are disagreeing and leaning
To the Devil's way of thinking and believing, not understanding the meaning
He saw the universe and he scanned it
As he mastered the atmosphere, weighed the water and measured the planets
Calculating the distance between 'em
And made atoms split in which planets in the galaxy were inhabited
Measured how many miles the universe spans
Knew the history of every people and who's the first man
Every race, every nation, every tribe
42 years of study makes him more than qualified to preside
To unlearn minds is kinda hard
How a man born in 1877 can be the God?
The physical form always changed
And from the beginning in many vessels That essence was contained
The energy and power remained
But the God of today and Him that created the Earth ain't the same
God said it was coming his time
So to move among the people he's making a habitat especially designed
The black man was last in line
Fresh out of slavery, yet still confined to the white supremacist mind
Self hate and no self love
So in 1930 he came to Detroit to teach us who we was
A buzz sparked off from his activity
Made us react vividly, teaching on black liberty
Gave us exact history, atoms were cracked instantly
We are descendants of The Creator, the facsimile
Satan attacked wickedly, casting Its wack trickery
But Fard showed Ellaijah where it was at, scripturally
And what's beyond this, and what was to come next
He put the word of the Bible in today's context
Destruction of America, the wielders and work above 'em
Aircrafts you call UFOs and the purpose of 'em
And who the real Devil is, what Hell and what Heaven is
The identity of the land breaking the seven seals
Right through the revelation, no, this is not a game
Master atomic creation, that's how we got His name
Fard Muhammad
Master Fard Muhammad.